Wikipeida NewsEdit

At long last, there is a now a page where we keep our news in! From now on, we will show on our main page the 3 latest news updates. Check back here often for new updates!

July 2017 Edit

July 20, 2017: New Batch of Articles Coming Soon!
We hoped that you enjoyed our twenty available articles since this wiki began in October 2016. So we will continue to make this wiki fruitful by adding more pages, beginning in September 2017 on a weekly basis. Once again, we hope you enjoyed what the Wikipeida Wiki has to offer, and stay tuned for more updates!

January 2017 Edit

January 10, 2017: One More Thing!
We will take a two-week hiatus of adding new pages in order to update on our old pages. As you can see in the Pages section in the main page, you will see that we will add a new page again on Friday, January 27, 2017. Stay tuned until then!
January 10, 2017: Twenty Pages!
We have finally made our wiki grow to 20 pages. Thanks for the support! Be aware for another update like this once we hit 25 pages!
January 4, 2017: Happy New Year!
Happy New Year from all of us at Wikipeida Wiki. Obviously our new year's resolution is to keep this wiki alive well and running!

December 2016 Edit

December 13, 2016: Sorry for the inconvenience!
We apologize if this wiki has not been updating lately. But we will make sure it updates as normally as possible. We are also sorry for forgetting to put up a video for last week (December 4-10, 2016). Once again, we are really sorry for the hiatus, and we will make sure this wiki updates normally as possible. Thank you.

November 2016 Edit

November 14, 2016: New President and Wikipeida Wiki Updates!
Unfortunately, Donald Trump is our President. We hope that he is not too bad of a President. Other than that, we now have our Wikipeida Wiki for the people south of the border speaking Spanish! Don't forget about this wiki in the Wayback Machine!
November 14, 2016: One Month Anniversary!
Thank you everyone for supporting Wikipeida Wiki for one whole month!!
November 7, 2016: Ten Pages!
Since our launch last month, we have made ten pages on really random stuff! Thanks for your support over the past month! Be sure to look forward for some more new pages coming soon!
November 1, 2016: Presidential Video of the Week!
For the next couple of weeks, we will be uploading videos from Songified versions of Presidential Debates. Watch Trump and Clinton battle it out in a sing-off!

October 2016 Edit

October 20, 2016: Final Presidential Debate is Over!
Did you watch the final debate yesterday? Who will you vote for?
October 18, 2016: 1 week of Wikipeida!
We are currently celebrating one week of Wikipeida! We have already made 6 pages!