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Me at the zoo00:19

Me at the zoo

Video of the Week: January 8-14, 2017


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January 10, 2017: One More Thing!
We will take a two-week hiatus of adding new pages in order to update on our old pages. As you can see in the Pages section in the main page, you will see that we will add a new page again on Friday, January 27, 2017. Stay tuned until then!
January 10, 2017: Twenty Pages!
We have finally made our wiki grow to 20 pages. Thanks for the support! Be aware for another update like this once we hit 25 pages!
January 4, 2017: Happy New Year!
Happy New Year from all of us at Wikipeida Wiki. Obviously our new year's resolution is to keep this wiki alive well and running!


We have made 20 pages on this wiki. Be sure to stop by often for more new stuff!

No. Wiki Name Date Created
#1 Wikipeida Wiki October 11, 2016
#2 Halloween October 12, 2016
#3 Closing Logos October 13, 2016
#4 Fast Food October 14, 2016
#5 Presidential Debates October 15, 2016
#6 School October 18, 2016
#7 Game Shows October 20, 2016
#8 Mathematics October 21, 2016
#9 Running Gags November 2, 2016
#10 Wikipeida News November 7, 2016
#11 Wayback Machine November 14, 2016
#12 Wikipeida Wiki En Español November 19, 2016
#13 Thanksgiving November 28, 2016
#14 SpongeBob SquarePants November 30, 2016
#15 Science December 1, 2016
#16 Social Studies December 3, 2016
#17 Reading December 16, 2016
#18 Smosh January 5, 2017
#19 Wikipedia January 6, 2017
#20 Christmas January 10, 2017
#21 iPhone February 3, 2017
#22 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) TBA
#23 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) TBA
#24 Nintendo 64 TBA
#25 Nintendo GameCube TBA
#26 Wii TBA
#27 Wii U TBA
#28 Game & Watch TBA
#29 Game Boy TBA
#30 Game Boy Color TBA
#31 Game Boy Advance TBA
#32 Nintendo DS TBA
#33 Nintendo DSi TBA
#34 Nintendo 3DS TBA
#35 New Nintendo 3DS TBA
#36 Nintendo Switch TBA
#37 New Year's Day TBA
#38 2016 TBA
#39 2017 TBA

Dates subject to change without notice.


Wikipeida Wiki is now on the Wayback Machine! Visit these links and the website! And the best part is, even if our wiki gets deleted for any reason, you can always go on the Wayback Machine to go back in time to see our pages!


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